Action Adventure | 8x60


First adaptation of Nick Harkaway’s best-selling fantasy adventure novel where science is just a little bit like magic. Directed by BAFTA-winning Kari Skogland, (The Handmaid’s Tale, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier) and acclaimed writing team Dudi Appleton and Jim Keeble in partnership with Mad Rabbit.

Drama | 10x60


Marrying the high stakes drama of DEUTSCHLAND 83 with the domesticity of MAD MEN, REICH provides a thrilling new perspective on day to day life in and around Nazi Germany. Written by Pete McManus, produced with Telepool and DREIFILM.

Comedy | 10x30


What happens when a Jewish couple, who are about to get married, realise they’re attracted to their own sex? Written by Eleanor Wyld and Sarah Gordon.


We follow the CEO and founder of the prestigious G&B Influencer Agency, Kyle, his 15 managers and 150 influencer talents as they run the business and service high profile brands like Chanel and Amazon.



Forbidden Faiths offers a unique perspective of the trans-Atlantic slave trade that is seldom heard. It tells the story of how god, faith and worship was used to maintain the trade as well as how the descendants of the enslaved created new spiritual practices to aid their trauma.

Culinary Travelogue


No Plate Like home is a culinary odyssey that blends food and genealogy to create a cooking journey like you’ve never seen before. Each episode introduces a talented chef who wants to uncover their food ancestry.